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Respect for the environment and its natural resources is a choice we have successfully adopted for several years because we are convinced that just a little care and attention are all we need to protect the beauty and state of our territory. Our environmentally friendly choices include:

Producing less waste. We participate in differentiated waste collection and recycling programmes, we use returnable containers for drinks and we prefer packaging in glass or recyclable materials in order to reduce waste to a minimum. In the Hotel you can find the containers to do, if you wish, the differentiated waste collection
Reducing water and energy consumption for heating water. For this reason, we have installed water supply accelerators for the showers, faucets and taps.
Saving energy. Wherever possible we try to use energy-saving lamps. We have also installed a new, energy-saving boiler and always ask our guests to reduce the linen they leave for washing, especially in the bathroom
Using healthier food that is free of chemical substances. We favour the use of fruit and vegetables in season, or in any case fruit and vegetables grown with low impact on the environment, and we always know where it comes from. We been handed down from our local tradion, and prepare them using local produces.
Suggesting our guests leaving their cars in the hotel parking and travel with our van transfer service to Caorle. At reception, guests will always find tickets for public transport or keys of the Hotel bicycles for the most ecological solution.
Raising awareness amongst our staff and guests of our philosophy. We are also keen to learn the opinions of our guests, who are after all our best consultants, and kindly invite them to give us suggestions in order to highlight what they consider to be most important and allow us to successfully continue the road towards environmental protection



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